We want to help your unique business stand apart from the others in your industry.

In a visual-content-driven world, our clients trust us to produce the highest quality of images that showcase their product or services in a way that makes it easier for their customers to take action. We will work with you to learn your target demographic and purpose so that our photos align with your mission and help you reach your goals.

Our clients come from a diverse background. If you have a space to show off, we want to give you professional and stunning photos that reflect your unique vision. Whether you come from the retail, food service, hospitality, commercial building, home building, renovation, interior design, realty, developing or architectural industry, Ryan Fung Photography will capture your vision in compelling, inviting images that highlight your key benefits.



  • A variety of creatively composed high-resolution, magazine quality images
  • The advantage of multiple flash photography (rather than HDR), combined with natural light for vibrant and natural-looking images 
  • Tethered photography for large detailed viewing
  • Professional image post-processing and highly-detailed retouching:
    • Colour correction and proper exposure for consistency and accuracy
    • Layer compositing and manual exposure blending for dynamic images
    • Removal of unwanted objects


  1. Connect with Ryan 
  2. Chat about your goals and scope of project (i.e. usage, purpose, number of photos, deadlines)
  3. Quote issued within 24 hours
  4. Coordinate with stakeholders
  5. Photograph subject in the best light, as efficiently as possible
  6. Receive final photo files ready for you to showcase in the form you require
  7. Feedback is important to us and our business; leave us a line at: www.houzz.com